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Mar 31, 2012 3:00am PDT
the president will run for re-election. we're also seeing a little bit of how mitt romney, the likely republican nominee is going to run against president obama. we'll have a bit more on that later in the show. of course, before mr. romney can fully jump into a general election campaign against the president, he still has to dispatch his rivals for the republican nomination. at this point in the campaign that means mitt romney has to be showing that he's consolidating his lead, showing he is locking up the republican establishment. pretty much every single day now that means mitt romney rolls out a high profile republican establishment endorsement. last week it was former florida governor jeb bush. this week it was republican senators mike lee and marco rubio and former president george h.w. bush. getting endorsements like that, having high profile surrogates, to talk on your behalf, for mr. romney that's been a doubl double-edged sword this year. on our staff and on our blog we talk about this as mitt romney's surrogate problem. right around the time of michigan primary you may remember mr. rom
Mar 21, 2012 2:30am PDT
city. mitt romney has taken another step toward the republican presidential nomination. after scoring a decisive victory in the illinois primary. romney won with 47% of the vote. defeating rick santorum by 12 points. ron paul and newt gingrich were down in the single digits. romney's illinois win adds another 41 delegates to his total haul, which now stands at nearly 500. those still far from the 1144 needed to clinch the nomination, romney has close to 300 more delegates than santorum. with the general election in mind, romney focuses his election night speech on attacking president obama while touting his own experience in the private sector. >> for 25 years i lived and breathed business and the economy and jobs. i had successes and failures. but each step of the way, i learned a little bit more about what it is that makes our american system so powerful. you can't learn that teaching constitutional law at university of chicago, all right? you can't even learn that as a community organizer. the simple truth is that this president doesn't understand the genius of america's economy. o
Mar 15, 2012 10:00am EDT
steele. michael, romney's line to his donors in new york city went something like this. it's going to be a long road, but we're winning the most delegates and we're going to be the nominee. kind of like what he said in an interview yesterday. >> right. >> by the way, last night i got more delegates than anybody else. so this is a process of becoming the nominee. we're pursuing that. some who are very conservative may not yet be in my camp, but they will be when i become the normal anemia and face barack obama. >> is that the right message? >> it is. they want to know, you know, how sure are you about the footing you have ragt now? how are you doing in your delegate count? what's your burn rate so far? how much are you taking in? >> did you take that at all to say to those other people to mean the conservatives who have supported rick santorum or newt gingrich, you're not going to have a choice. you're going to have to come over to me in november. >> keep in mind, he's talking to people who are supporting him, so that's a different conversation than the one you're going to have when
Mar 5, 2012 2:30am PST
on the air about a georgetown university law school student. plus, snl's mitt romney spins his narrow victory in michigan with a little help from his fake sons. that clip a little bit later in the show. first, though, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here at "30 rock" in new york city. the presidential candidates spread out across c ahead of s tuesday. 10 states will be in play tomorrow with 400 delegates at stake. the contest could bolster front-runner mitt romney. he added to his campaign momentum on saturday, winning washington state. those caucuses brought him 38% support, a double digit lead over ron paul and rick santorum. all eyes certainly will be on the state of ohio where romney and rick santorum in a statistical tie according to the latest nbc news/marist poll. on now two ohio's largest newspapers. cleveland plain dealer and the cincin enquirer putting their support behind mitt romneyment the former governor locked up the endorsements of two key conservatives. tomko burn and house majority leader eric cantor. they are hoping it will give their candidate a boost for conserva
FOX News
Mar 10, 2012 11:00am PST
romney and newt gingrich skipped. but santorum and paul were. we're watching what's playing out in wyoming and caucuses and the polls open until 6 p.m. eastern, 12 delegates at stake, in that state. and as you know, the goal, 1,144 delegates needed to clinch the nomination, keep it here for the latest results throughout the day and i'll see you again at the bottom of the hour as the votes are counted now in kansas and wyoming. right here on fox news channel. now, we'll get you back to journal editorial report. >> this week on the journal editorial report the republican race heads south. are mississippi and alabama must-wins for newt gingrich and can plus, new york's top putting political correctness above public safety. all that and the obama industry, stocks are up and so is the president's approval rating. how robust is this recovery? >> welcome to the journal, editorial report. i'm stuart varney if for paul gigot. with the super tuesday behind them, her they're headed to the deep south. what could be a make or break day for at least one. three leading contenders. it could tel
FOX News
Mar 7, 2012 3:00am PST
'm gretchen carlson. thanks so much for sharing part of your day with us. mitt romney going 6-10 on super tuesday and has a message for president obama. >> i have a message. you have not failed. you have a president that's failed you. that's going to change. >> mitt romney not waking up this morning with a clear frontrunner. rick santorum proving this is still a two guy race. >> we're going to win a few. we're going to lose a few. but as it looks right now, we're going to get at least a couple of gold medals. and a whole bunch of silver medals. >> plus newt walking away with one victory last night but it's a big one and he's not going anywhere. >> there are lots of bunny rabbits that run through. i'm the tortoise. i take one step at a time. >> reminds me, did i feed my rabbit? we're breaking down all of the super tuesday results. "fox & friends" starts just about now. >> good morning, everyone. check out that map. there you have it. super tuesday results. mitt romney wins six states. ohio, alaska, virginia, idaho, massachusetts and vermont. >> yep. rick santorum only won three but it s
Mar 19, 2012 8:00pm PDT
. >> romney wins big in puerto rico and heads to illinois. it's time for gingrich and santorum to step aside. >> we have believe the the convention will nominate a conservative. >> we all know who he means. what a fraud. the jobs act heads to the senate but don't be fooled by the catchy acronym. it's just another ploy to deregulate wall street again because it worked out so well the first time. >> the latest front on the war in women. a bill that could force women who under go an abortion. >>> new york city councilmember congressman rodriguez on occupy and nypd's brutal response. >> good evening this, is monday march 19th. 233 days until the 2012 presidential election. i'm eliot spitzer sitting in for keith olbermann. mitt romney winning in puerto rico and looking for more in illinois' primary. our fifth story in the "countdown." mitt romney pulling ahead in the g.o.p. presidential race hoping for more delegates and campaigning in springfield illinois. this is what he said. >> i need only one thing from you, no, two. number one i need some of these pancakes, and number two i need you to vote
Mar 20, 2012 3:00am PDT
hit the polls. a win for romney could cement his front-runner status. a santorum victory could boost that romney can't rally the conservative base. santorum is on the defensive over these comments he made in illinois yesterday. >> you need a candidate who is going to be a fight er for freedom, who is going to get up and make that the central theme in this race. it is the central theme in this race. i don't care what the unemployment rate is going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. there's something more foundation going on here. >> okay. romney seized on that comment trying to capitalize on santorum's remarks. >> i'm concerned about the people out of work. one of the people running also for the republican nomination said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother him. i do care. it bothers me. i want to get people back to work. i'm concerned about those out of work. one of the reasons i'm running is to get the expertise in place. get a strong economy. >> last night, santorum tried to walk back his original comments. tak
Mar 20, 2012 8:00pm EDT
>> earlier in the politico live stream coverage we were talking about the romney strategy on the road ahead, they'rethey areo think rick santorum is on a fault error. 78785 server or more. some need 75% or more. is there still that x factor? >> if rick wins, that would give him something to appeal to keep going. romney can not put enough wins together to make it stop caring about rick santorum. you have to give rick santorum credit. he is unable to hang tough. they traded back -- he was able to hang tough. they have traded back and forth. rick santorum is here for a while. >> craig gordon, tell us something that is about to pop up on the site that is not on the site yet. >> i am not kidding when i say i am hoping we're going to get results very soon after 8:00. mitt romney has a story teed up. he has the story ready to go. >> you will get your ears on. we're talking to one of our white house reporters. i think you have a question for dodge. i will relay it to him. >> there was a your asking about foreign policy being a bigger issue in the campaign. we were talking about th
Mar 13, 2012 2:30am PDT
jon stewart takes a look at mitt romney's southern strategy of saying y'all, talking about grits, and hanging with jeff foxworthy. that clip coming up later in the show. first let's get to the news here at 30 rock in new york city. new protests broke out overnight in afghanistan as anger continues to build over the rogue u.s. army sniper alleged to have killed 16 afghan civilians early sunday in a door to door shooting spree about a mile from his military base. hundreds of students gathered today to call for the soldier's assassination. the massacre is reframing the debate inside the white house where some of the advisers reports are urging president obama to speed up the withdrawal of american forces from that country. today's "new york times" says one option under consideration would reduce the number of troops by an additional 20,000 or more by 2013. those talks have been underway to weeks, but given the new set back, some members of the administration feel the mission has reached the point of diminishing returns. no decision on troop levels have been made and both president o
Mar 9, 2012 3:00am PST
, and romney is leading in delegate count. but no, nothing is inevitable. and i do appreciate that these men are continuing to duke it out in the arena of ideas and are allowing themselves to be vetted. thank you, gentlemen, who are running on the gop ticket. staying in there allowing yourselves to be vetted by the media because they didn't do it when barack obama ran. >> good morning, it's friday, march 9th. welcome to "morning joe." with us here in washington, msnbc "time" magazine senior analyst and the star of the red carpet, mark haleprin, also political editor and white house correspondent for the "huffington post" sam stein. katty kay and the great willie geist. he's up in new york. so mark, "game change" premiere washington last night, a huge event. tom cruise was there and julianne moore, all the big stars, but you were, of course, the biggest star. you and -- >> you said tom cruise, you meant tom hanks. >> did i say tom cruise? >> last time cruise was there and i missed him. >> tom hanks, tom cruise, come on, it's the same thing. >> it was a great event. hbo does things very well a
FOX News
Mar 3, 2012 8:30pm PST
. now. >> . >> jamie: well, in what many in the mid yeah call a must win for mitt romney, landed a one-two punch. hoping to ride a win against rick santorum. these are the headlines, romney averts disaster and chicago tribune, romney holds off santorum's surge and the boston globe, romney wins hard fight in michigan, cruises in arizona and romney's home state m michigan, tough win for romney, that in the detroit free press. jim, does it seem the media were picking sides in this fight? >> well, i think the media are sort of following the election returns here. romney having dipped substantially now, made michigan almost seem like an upset in terms of him-- certainly a comeback, and i also think that in the minds of media, not only on the left, but also now on the right, santorum sort of jumped the shark a little bit, you know, the quote about making john f. kennedy's speech making him want to throw up. as charles krauthammer in "the washington post," that's a little much. >> jon: have the media changed their minds about mitt romney after him going two for two. i think they're beginning
Mar 8, 2012 2:30am PST
rock in new york city. >>> mitt romney says the republican race for president is now a matter of math and that the numbers simply do not add up for his rivals. as of this moment romney leads the republican field with 341 delegates. remember, though, he needs 1,145 to clench the nomination. he's followed by newt gingrich and rick santorum. romney's campaign notes only 4 of the remaining contests are winner take all, meaning it's increasingly difficult for any one candidate to catch up to romney. a memo released by his camp highlights the road ahead for the republican candidates saying the longer they ignore the basic principles of math the only person's odds of winning there are increasing are president obama's. romney needs less than 50% of the remaining delegates to wrap up the nomination compared to rick santorum who needs to win nearly two out of every three from this day forward to become the nominee. one romney aide said it would take, quote, an act of god to prevent romney from winning the nomination. rick santorum refuses to accept the idea that romney is inevitable. >> what wo
Mar 12, 2012 9:00am PDT
will not be running against newt gingrich, he is going to be running against mitt romney who is loathe to take in i military positions. this is is a big opportunity for him to draw a distinction between himself and the president and he will not do it if you are the president, you are glad the oh, sasama bin lad situation went the way it did. >> we know there a would question marks over the summer. one is foreign policy, not just afghanistan, it's iran and syria. the other is gas prices. we will talk more about that in the next block, but newt has tried to focus our involvement in the middle east to our dependence on foreign oil, do you think that romney will pick that up and that could be the talking point for republicans? >> it should be, it's the best argument that republicans have on do what they want to do on. which is increase drilling and and look for more domestic sources of energy to tie it to the problems in the middle east and to say, we do not want to be buying gas from our enemies, that is actually a great argument. it's what is keeping newt gingrich holding on by a thread in the race.
Mar 3, 2012 8:00pm EST
satellite corp. 2012] >> next, republican predicted a candidate mitt romney at a town hall meeting in dayton, ohio. then a view of this tuesday of three primary vote in ohio. after that, addresses by president obama and republican rep doc hastings. >> mitt romney continues to campaign in ohio the buckeye state is one of 10 states holding contests on super tuesday. next, he takes part in a town hall meeting in dayton. ♪ >> wow. what a turnout. i have a question for this crowd. do you believe we cannot afford another four years of barack obama? [applause] that must mean we will do everything in our power over the next three days to make sure mitt romney when's ohio and in the fall beats barack obama. are we going to do it? [applause] three more days and we are. it is great to be here. the mayor is doing a great job as a champion for this area. we also happen states senator chris widener here. pretty good team, the you not think? [applause] and the big guy behind me here, mangold, centerville ohio. you can probably tell from looking at him he plays a sport. can you guess which one it is? a gr
Mar 15, 2012 9:00am EDT
lucy pulls the football away? ask mitt romney. every time he gets close to closing this deal, it gets jerked away. he's got the math on his side, but is that enough? >>> plus, president obama hosted david cameron in a don't call it a state dinner. but it's the campaign centric guest list that has our attention this morning. >>> and it's been 20 years since the first so-called year of the woman. this morning, how democrats are banking on woman candidates to hold control of the senate. it's thursday, march 15th, 2012, this is the "daily rundown" i'm chuck todd and the three hours tip-off to the ncaa tournament. >>> rick santorum is hoping the southern sweep finally gives him that clean shot at becoming romney's chief conservative challenger and he sure sounded like it yesterday. >> if we keep winning races, eventually people are going to figure out that governor romney isn't going to be the nominee. republican voters are overwhelmingly saying no. >> santorum has elm plambraced the candidate of evangelical voters. members of an evangelical church laid hands on him and asked him for praye
FOX News
Mar 10, 2012 3:00pm PST
romney and newt gingrich for skipping campaigning in kansas and deciding to move on to the southern states of mississippi and alabama for their primaries on tuesday. take a listen. >> it is sort of a joke that they are out there saying rick is not conservative on this and this when everybody knows that we are the strongest most principled conservative in this race and that all of these attacks are on minutia types of issues that are taken completely out of context and that didn't sell over here in the good people of kansas and that is why they abandoned ship and i think we will find it is not going to sell across this country. >> and santorum has now moved on to missouri. however, rick, there is a lot of weight being put on tuesday's southern primaries. back to you. >> mitt romney and newt gingrich putting a lot of energy into the southern states, right? >> it is really important really for the top three candidates to make a good decent showing in those states and if you listen to the way mitt romney is talking, it sounds like he is trying to lower expectations. he has even said in
Mar 22, 2012 3:00am PDT
the floor ♪ don't bring me down >> hey, this is a true story about mitt romney. you guys know there's a robot running for president, right? [ applause ] >> how cool is that? while touring google's offices yesterday, this is a true story, romney saw a lava lamp on someone's desk and said, that's a big lava lamp. congratulations. [ laughter ] >> ironically, the lava lamp was better at natural conversation than mitt romney. >>> no, i did not bring that in. good morning, everyone. it is thursday, march 22. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have msnbc contributor mike barnicle. we have pulitzer prize winner writer for "the washington post" jonathan capehart. and president of the council on foreign relations, richard haas, along with willie joe and me. and we have a lot going on this morning. good morning, joe. >> good morning, mika. >> we'll be talking about mitt romney. that's where we're starting. but there is a situation in france unfolding. richard is here to talk about that. there is some nfl news. >> some? >> some. >> just a little. >> "new york times" front page. >> ok.
Mar 2, 2012 2:30am PST
victory in romney's home state despite losing the popular vote because of the 15-15 split of delegates there. party leaders, though, this morning outraged the santorum camp by voting to change the delegate breakdown giving romney 16 delegates and santorum 14. republican committee members said a rule that divided the delegates equally was incorrect and based on the popular vote romney comes out ahead. santorum blasted that decision during a campaign stop yesterday in the state of washington. >> good old boy network, they can't -- they have to change the rules after the game so they can win. that's pathetic. i just think that you really see what the romney campaign is all about. anything to win. after the fact break the rules, rewrite the rules. that's not the way republicans and conservatives do it. but, he's new to the conservative cause so i'm not surprised he doesn't know that. >> santorum's campaign put out a statement as well reading in part we never thought the romney campaign would try to rig the outcome of an election by changing the rules after the vote. this kind of backroom d
Mar 21, 2012 6:00am EDT
might be. that was mitt romney, the winner of last night's illinois primary. romney took 47% of the vote, beating rick santorum by 12 points. ron paul and newt gingrich were in the single digits. romney's illinois win adds another 41 delegates to his total haul, which now stands near 500. though still far from the 1,144 needed to clinch the nomination, romney has close to 300 more delegates than santorum. that math is adding up. good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 21. welcome to "morning joe." with us on set, we have msnbc political analyst and visiting professor at nyu howard ford jr. we also have financier and "morning joe" economic analyst steve rattner. and in washington, republican strategist and contributor to "newsweek" and the daily beat and vice chairman of the consulting firm hill norton, mark mckinnon. >> that's like spring. >> it's almost ok, but still a little weird. >> well, you know, at least it's better than barnicle. look at the bright side. >> true. that was -- >> actually, the most interesting man in the world willie geist is now in mallorca for the spring. >
Mar 6, 2012 6:00am EST
that with every single character, john mccain, mitt romney and barack obama and hillary clinton and john edwards. so, you know, we occasionally, in the last couple weeks, have heard criticism from people who say the book was some left-wing democratic thing. if you go back and read the book, we pulled no punches throughout the book, nor did we try to be hitting everybody mercilessly. we tried to show a balanced portrait of everyone. that included sarah palin. to mark's point, that meant talking to everybody in mccain and palin world who had a lot of contact with her, people who loved her, and people who had less positive feelings about her by the end of the campaign. and we took that all into account. that's what we do. >> mark, let me ask you a more broad question. why the movie focuses only on sarah palin when there was such an exciting story on the other side as well. >> excellent question. hbo wanted to make a two-hour movie. and in two hours, you can only tell one story. they originally wanted to tell the story of the president and hillary clinton and their titanic battle for the nomination.
Mar 22, 2012 4:30am EDT
endorseme endorsement, mitt romney is back pedaling today. >> reporter: mitt romney's 12-point illinois win impressed big-name republicans. and won on the endorsement of jeb bush who said now is the time for republicans >> romney got undercut by one of his top aides. romney plans to erase his focus. like you shake an etch-a-sketch. >> he said you just take, turn it over, shake it and then you start all over. >> mocking romney as a fake conservative, which he rushed to deny. >> the issues i'm running on will be exactly the same. i'm running as a conservative republican. >> newt gingrich joined the attack. >> so here's governor romney's staff. they don't have the decency to wait until they get the nomination to explain to us how they'll sell us out. >> and santorum had the win-man to try to shoot romney down. >> city commissioners in stanford, florida, have voted no confidence in the police chief over his investigation in the controversial shooting death of a black teenager. three of five commissioners voted against the chief with one demanding he resign in the wake of a killing of an unarmed
Mar 18, 2012 7:00am EDT
santorum campaigning in illinois. miss romney will be in the northern part of the state including rockford, alan lawyer with the delegates at stake on tuesday. the only scheduled on tuesday. if you go inside "the new york times" we want to bring in this photo. it is and generations as the republicans have seen a convention in which the nominee was not decided going in. gerald ford was the fitting -- sitting president. the appointed president did not have enough delegates before working out an agreement to get that nomination. we want to take you back to the for the convention in kansas city to give you one snapshot of what that was like in the summer of 1976. [video clip] >> i think he is the vice chairman of one of those delegations. >> something to do with a sign, i do not know. >> did he get a phone back? >> no. >> which phone? >> my white cord phone. that goes to the trailer. my other phone is damaged. host: 1 snapshot of what happened during the summer of 1976 -- all for getting the nomination on the first ballot. for some questions because of the surge by ronald reagan who got the no
Mar 21, 2012 7:00pm EDT
this political hoopla. we're all over this story. and sizzle number two tonight, mitt romney wins big in illinois. and now the republican party is kohl lessing behind him. former florida governor jeb bush endorsed as did the freedom works tea party. now the most basic question of all, can romney beat obama. but first up this evening, let's get the lay of the land on this whole keystone pipeline. good evening, eamon. >> good evening, larry. president obama calls his energy strategy all of the above and is traveling the country this week in an effort to prove it. today the president appeared at a solar plant in boulder city, nevada, where he defended government investment in solar energy. but tomorrow we'll see him in a very different setting at an oil pipeline storage yard in curbing, oklahoma, where he'll deliver remarks about a new pipeline there that will bring oil to the gulf of mexico. tomorrow's visit highlights the fact that a part of transcanada corp.'s keystone pipeline is being approved. and larry, the southern part of the pipeline is being built in spite of the president, not because of
Mar 22, 2012 2:30am PDT
. >>> on to 2012 politics where rank and file politics are rallying around romney as their likely nominee. romney picked up the coveted endorsement in the campaign. that of florida governor, jeb bush. bush congratulated him on tuesday night and encouraged his party to put an end to the long nomination fight. primary elections have been held in 34 states. now is the time for republicans to unite and take the message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. meanwhile, freedom works announce plans to stop their opposition to candidate romney since the numbers favor his chances of becoming the nominee. all this sounded like great news. a big day for romney until his victory was cut short when senior campaign adviser made a remark that raised new doubts with the base. >> is there a concern that the pressure from santorum and gingrich might move him to the right? >> well, i think you hit a reset button for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's like an etch-a-sketch. shake it up and start over again. >> he said that yesterday morning before the jeb bush endorsement came out
Mar 1, 2012 5:00pm PST
this bill. a republican president like mitt romney would definitely sign it. >> definitely, maybe. romney having trouble finding his bearings about this. >> remember what i said? i don't remember what i said. >> foundering much more seriously last night with a question from ohio network news. >> mark rubio is being debated later this week that deals with allowing employers to ban providing female cont cention. vutaken a position. >> i'm not for the bill, but the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions of cont cention in a situation between a man and woman, husband and a wife, i'm not going there. >> he went there last night with an explanation: >> he misunderstood a question specifically about blunt-rubio? even rick santorum wasn't buying that. >> when asked that question his knee jerk reaction was i can't be for that. and then after his consultantas talked to him and oh i didn't understand the question. maybe he did, maybe he didn't. >> he didn't want to maybe. the it is not a popular question: romney
FOX News
Mar 13, 2012 5:00am EDT
wins as they battle it out with mitt romney. >>> exactly what is at stake we have kelly rice. thank you for being here. >> good morning to you as well. it's decision time in alabama and mississippi. voter also go to the polls to decide who will win primary day. the race shows a three-way race between mitt romney and rick santorum. >> do you think we havei think a good chance to win both states. governor romney will get most one out of every three delegates. once again he will fall dramatically short. >> romney is hoping to pull off wins from both states. he has jeff fox worthy to help get out the vote. romney would like to win in the south to solidify his hold as a frontrunner. if he loses he is still confident he will go on to win the nomination. >> no, absolutely not. john mccain didn't win any of these states alabama or mississippi. we are delighted we are doing so well there. the polls are suggesting it's kind of a three-way tie. it's an away game for me. >> evangelical christians and conservatives the core of the gop. rick santorum is hoping those voters will propel him to a victor
Mar 22, 2012 11:00am PDT
. >> but it is no laughing matter. day two of mitt romney's rivals going after his advisers' etch a sketch moment. why this is not an issue of child's play for mr. romney. >> the degree to which mr. romney lies all the time about all sorts of stuff and doesn't care when he gets caught is maybe the single most notable thing about his campaign. >>> hi, everyone. the "news nation" is following news right now in the trayvon martin shooting case. the city of sanford, florida just announced the city manager will hold a news conference at 3:30 this afternoon. there's no word on the topic yet but it comes less than 24 hours after the city commission gave a vote of no confidence to its police chief. the vote was 3-2. the city manager says he will be giving an update on the events surrounding the investigation. we'll bring you the latest developments. meanwhile a massive rally planned in sanford has been moved to another location because so many people are now expected to attend. those are pictures from atlanta right before dozens of churchgoers packed buses bound for sanford this morning. tonight's rally organ
Mar 19, 2012 1:00pm PDT
now. >>> republican rivals trading insultings on this the eve, romney calls santorum an economic light weight, romney calls santorum a light weight finance year. and anna says he was held captive for months by militants. and apple -- should it be employing americans to make those devices at home instead of paying cheap wages in china? i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." >>> we're only a day away from a crucial primary that could determine where this republican marathon is headed. fresh off a run away win in puerto rico, mitt romney is now looking to score big in illinois. rick santorum needs a strong showing as he tries to deny romney the nomination. the two rivals have long since taken off the gloves, but now they have put on some brass knuckles as well. our national correspondent jim accosta is in chicago with the very latest. >> the top two gop contenders are practicing their own brand of chicago style politics on this day before the illinois primary and both rick santorum and mitt romney are proving to be untouchable. >> reporter: the battle for the gop nomination has
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